New Menu Items


NEW Roasted Turkey &
Caramelized Kale Panini on
Black Pepper Focaccia

With roasted turkey raised without antibiotics, a roasted kale blend and fresh mozzarella on black pepper focaccia – This is the sandwich your cravings have been waiting for.

NEW Steak &
Arugula Sandwich

Our newest sandwich has seared steak, fresh arugula, vine-ripened tomatoes, pickled onions, our own garlic and herb cream cheese spread and mustard horseradish sauce on hand-made sourdough bread. One bite and we're sure you'll agree.

NEW Thai Garden
Wonton Broth Bowl

Think Asian comfort food. This soothing and sumptuous creation is made with ginger-chicken wontons, broccoli, spinach, napa cabbage, a roasted mushroom and onion blend and Thai chili vinaigrette with cilantro and sesame seeds in a delightful hen broth. Tasty, comforting – the perfect meal.

NEW Ricotta Sacchettini
Pasta with Chicken Broth Bowl

You're going to like what we put in this bowl. Purse-shaped sacchettini pasta filled with a tantalizing six-cheese blend, chicken raised without antibiotics, broccoli, spinach, tomato sofrito and basil pesto with fresh lemon and parmesan in our own hen broth. Know what? It's even tastier than it sounds.

Returning Favorite:
Bistro French Onion Soup

The Paradise Bakery & Cafe classic is back. A blend of sweet onions in a savory broth with sherry wine vinegar gastrique and sea salts topped with a generous helping of gruyere cheese and new black-pepper focaccia croutons. Who knew soup could be so unforgettable?

*Products available at participating locations only