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Program Terms and Conditions of Taste Of Paradise Card
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Program Terms and Conditions of Taste Of Paradise Card

Updated November 8, 2012

The Taste of Paradise Card (“card”) is both a loyalty and gift card.   Participation in the Taste of Paradise program (“Program”) constitutes acceptance of all Program terms and conditions and any changed terms and conditions. 


1. Paradise reserves the right to terminate or change the Program, including these Program Terms and/or the rewards available under the Program, at any time, without notice.

2. The card is valid only if obtained from a Paradise Bakery & Café ® location, or other authorized distributor.  The card is not valid if obtained from unauthorized sellers, including through internet auction sites, and may not be transferred.

3. The card may be a gift card if you have loaded cash onto the card, or a loyalty card if you present it in connection with purchase to earn rewards (as described below), or as both if both of the above conditions apply.  Additional terms apply to gift card use and loyalty card use (see below).

4. Cards may be used only at participating Paradise Bakery & Cafe locations.

5. By participating in the Program and providing your email address to us, you have opted to receive e-mails from Paradise.  These emails will provide you with information about new products or services, events in Paradise Bakery & Cafe locations, events that Paradise or its franchisees sponsor, including but not limited to contests, sweepstakes and surveys, and other special offers and marketing programs, which may include information about our affiliated company(ies), franchisees and/or other programs with which any of us or them are involved or that we think you might be interested in.  You can opt out of receiving most email communications, however this may limit your participation in the Program.

6. You must be at least 13 years of age to participate in the Program. 

7. Paradise may conduct test programs from time to time in certain markets which may have additional/different program terms than those described here. Please refer to the applicable test program Questions and Answer document and/or program terms for more details. Paradise has no obligation to expand or continue any test or the Program.

8. Your participation in the Program (including use of the card) may be discontinued, blocked or suspended in connection with actual or suspected unauthorized or fraudulent use of the Program and/or card and/or actual or suspected violation of these Program terms (including without limitation unauthorized credits earned or used).

9. Valid only in the United States.

10. Paradise is not responsible for undeliverable, lost, returned or  misdirected emails or other correspondence, or for use of your card or rewards issued without your permission



1. The card contains no value until activated. 

2. The card is not redeemable for cash (except as required by law) and may not be used to purchase another card.  No cash will be given as change from card purchases (except as required by law). 

3. If you use the card as a gift card, treat the card like cash.  Neither the card nor any value of the card will be replaced if the card is lost, stolen, destroyed, altered or used without your consent, except in limited circumstances.



1. The loyalty portion of the Program is based on you receiving free Paradise products after making a required number of purchases at participating Paradise Bakery & Cafe locations. Each purchase is sometimes referred to as a “point” in these terms and conditions for ease of reference only.  Each earned free item is referred to as a reward.  Listed below are the current purchase requirements and associated rewards: 

a) Buy twelve (12) single item entrees priced at over $5.00 each and receive one (1) entree FREE.
b) Buy five (5) single muffins and receive one (1) muffin FREE.
c) Buy twelve (12) coffee drinks and receive one (1) coffee drink FREE.

2. Rewards may not be transferred, exchanged for cash, any cash equivalent or any other products, or combined with other discounts or coupons.

3. Card must be registered and may be required to be presented prior to your purchase in order to earn points and receive rewards.

4. You will not earn points for free or discounted menu items. No rewards will retroactively be applied.   Rewards cannot be redeemed until sufficient points have been earned.  Points will only be earned by the cardholder who pays for the applicable items purchased.

5. Rewards will be printed on your receipt if you use your card in connection with the transaction.  You do not need to save the receipt but you do need to present your card and inform the cashier when you want to redeem a reward.

6. Rewards can only be redeemed on select items. Rewards are subject to change or substitution without notice.

7. In the event of technical difficulties, you may not be able to redeem rewards or earn points on your purchase.

8. If you use the card as a loyalty card, neither the card nor any rewards on the card will be replaced if the card is lost, stolen, destroyed, altered or used without your consent, except in limited circumstances.